Our History


The net was established in November of 1979 by retiring PAN AM Pilots.These were the guys that flew the Pan American Clippers that took off and landed in water.†† These pilots flew to the Pacific islands before runways were established on the islands.This was long before Satellite Telephone, Cell Phone, and Internet communications.†† Radio was the only means of communication in those days.They setup this net to provide communication links across the Pacific.Today we have stations in Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Alaska, and many in the Continental US.†† We strive daily to add active members to this net.†† We encourage participation by amateur operatorís world wide.PMMSN is a great place to learn about radio, antennas, propagation, net protocol, and net control duties.To become a member just participate.††




Participation makes the net function without participation we donít have a net!


Net founder††† KA6GWZ†† Wendall M Poynter